Are you well prepared for that Emergency fire outbreak or disaster? Well if not, this piece should change your orientation and get you prepared.

Emergency preparedness could save you a billion dollars if observed properly, it ensures safety measures are put in place to affirm the well-being of occupants in an enclosed space or building. It also ensures safety before and during also after an unexpected emergency situation or natural disaster. In the light of this, fire safety training is of utmost importance for everyone as it eliminates or reduces causes of fire in a building. It also provides knowledge on adequate emergency and evacuation steps in any unfortunate fire incident.

Emergency Preparedness

Questions worth asking?

  1. What should I do in case an unexpected fire occurs in a building?
  2. How exactly do I prepare for a fire emergency?
  3. What are the common causes of fire accidents?
  4. What actions must I take to lessen the effects of an unexpected fire incident?

These questions are a few of the very important questions every building occupant must have ready answers to!

Emergency Preparedness


These equipments are designed to guide and suppression facilities to guide and protect life and property from fire accidents. Some very important safety devices includes – HEAT DETECTOR, FIRE EXTINGUISHER, SMOKE ALARMS, SPRINKLER SYSTEMS, FIRE ALARMS.

  1. HEAT DETECTOR – Warns of possible fire when the temperature in a particular room /enclosed space of a building gets unusually high. This equipment does not detect smoke.
  2. SMOKE DETECTOR – This equipment senses when there is a smoldering material around, it then quickly activates it’s warning alarm.
  3. SPRINKLERS – These are sensitive to unexpected or too much heat that could likely cause a fire incident, it promptly releases water to douse the flames
  4. FIRE ALARM – Goes off when the alarm control panel is triggered, this notifies a nearby fire department immediately.
  5. FIRE EXTINGUISHER – Has proven to be a life-saver in so many fire accidents.

Why Emergency Preparedness and Fire Safety Training is Important

Firstly It is very important to know that emergency preparedness includes EMERGENCY EVACUATION PLANNING. This is usually part of trainings on fire Safety.

Fire and smoke can spread quickly. Usually, when there is a fire incident, one may have little time to escape. Before this, It is important to plan at least two evacuation routes in the event of a fire incident. These are amongst very important highlights for emergency preparedness and fire safety training.

Never use an elevator in the case of a fire incident, as one can be trapped in it. Also it’s wise to know at all times the location of fire safety devices e.g extinguishers.

In conclusion, it can be disastrous when there is little or no knowledge of emergency preparedness and fire safety training in the event of a likely disaster. Hence is important to get enrolled for this trainings whilst total concentration must be ensured. As a popular quote states, “ Do not think because an accident hasn’t happened doesn’t mean it can’t happen

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