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Role of IOT in the Logistics Industry
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Mr Olome Emenike is a young and dynamic entrepreneur who developed an early interest in business and startups. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, and lived all his life in Nigeria, having a background in different cultures of the region. Having developed a curious mind as regards transportation, when his family ventured into the transportation business in 2012 owning a fleet of leased vehicles, which had to be shut down due to lack of transparency and effective scheduling system.
In 2018, he graduated top of his class, receiving his degree in Industry Chemistry from Afe Babalola University, and immediately started Exquisite Business Solutions, a business development agency consulting for tech-enabled startups in various industries ranging from Agri-Tech to Logistics-Tech helping them create sustainable and profitable business models tailored to fit local demand and providing them with Implementation and Go-to- Market strategies. Some of the startups worked with have gone on to raise funding and receive backing from Nigeria state governments.
Garnering on the experience he has built from consulting for tech-enabled startups, He founded Rabbit Technologies as his passion in building a reliable and efficient transport system for African mega-cities. From the knowledge of his family’s transport business, he has seen massive opportunities in transportation and how technology could be the equalizer to creating a sustainable and profitable business in transportation.


Anchor: As internet of things (IOT) evolves the world today, you will see a lot of manufacturing companies working towards automation. And, you know, with automation comes self driving which bring up the innovation of Self driving cars. Undoubtedly this is something everyone will like to see on Lagos roads.
Guest Speaker: It’s coming.. that’s still quite far. Well, we can use IoT to improve safety. So for us to have this. we realize that safety is paramount.
And we have a platform like devices that can help us to do predictive analysis of the vehicles or to let us know when it’s time for maintenance.
We also have an app, when there’s an incidence, with a click of a button, you can alert the security agencies or emergency response to let them know that you’re able to track the precise location of where this thing is happening.
Anchor: So wow, this is interesting. So you are telling us that there is an app that can utilize If you are in trouble or there’s an accident? You can alert the security agencies and the GIS in the coordinates of the place where you are and if will be transmitted. So the authorities will be able to locate you better, is that right?
Guest Speaker: Yes, absolutely correct
Anchor: Okay.
After a short traffic update, the program continues…


  • How does IOT improve safety on the road?

Anchor: I just read about Olome’s profile, very brilliant and beautiful profile and I found out that he had experience in the logistics industry. And this just reminded me of safety in that area as well, whereby you have delivery guys who take expensive phones, or you know devices and they’re just mocked. The devices are collected. The guys are left high and dry or an Uber vehicle driver whose vehicle is taken away from him. How can an IoT help us in ensuring safety in that logistics industry?
We were beginning to depend a lot on logistics today. Particularly after COVID You know, most people don’t even want to go out everybody is picking up something or delivering something. So how can IoT help us to improve the safety in that sector?
Guest Speaker: There are already things that are already working, we just don’t know if this devices are part of IoT. if you have one of the requirements for logistics companies, including trackers in these bikes, you will always be able to know where your bike is as well as the safety of the riders.
Anchor: Which is very important,
Guest Speaker: Yes. So even when there is an incidence of theft, you will be able to pinpoint where the incident happened and where the bike is at any given point in time. And this can help you go to the security agencies to make reports and do a detailed information on how to help you retrieve the stolen item. So that’s one way IOT helps to put ends to the problems facing the logistics industry.

  • How IOT reduces congestion, traffic and pollution in cities?

Anchor: Beautiful, So we’ve been speaking a lot about the “Role of IoT in Traffic Management” in reducing congestion. I just want to know if there’s any other points you would like to add, because you already told us that IoT could help you to know where traffic is building up, you know, particularly look at the reports that Taiwo just gave us the updates on now, a 40 food container unfortunately, seem to have been displaced from the trailer, and this is around a Isolo expressway. So what I’m saying is, what can the average person do to have better experience and avoid traffic congestion and even pollution in mega cities like Lagos?
Guest Speaker: So for pollution I think I will startup with that. You beginning to see the rise of tech companies that are very invested in transportation which was left to legacy company. But now startup are really diving into the space like spoilage of hailing apps and so on, so when that is happening we just have to release our carbon emissions. People are now seeing rather than just be stocked in traffic and driving my own vehicle I could take some of these bike alien. and that helps reduce our carbon emissions in that area, also reducing pollution. Also when it comes to improving commuting experience, I would not want to be in that traffic where I would just work about now.

  • How IOT devices can be used to improve public transport and commuting experience for everyday Lagosian?

Anchor: But eventually the food be pulled off the road. men in LASMAN they’re doing a great job and my hope is that before the end of this program, there’ll be an update from them, telling us how one land or two land have been cleared, so to say, But please go on.
Guest Speaker: Yes. So I would rather want to.. maybe carpool in that area. So I can also sit somewhere and get some work done.
Anchor: Wow. because you’re not driving.
Guest Speaker: That improves the community experience for me In that aspect of things. Yes. So these are the only two ways where you know, for this to happen for carpooling to actually happen, a device has to connect the driver and the computer to match right. So these are the ways we’re utilizing technology and all these devices to help the community experience and also just in terms of environments.
Anchor: What will really happen with this tech enablement in the transportation sector in Lagos state now? Yeah, let me hear that.
Guest Speaker: So, I really believe if any states can achieve this, it will be Lagos state. Because they have an intention to make Lagos very smart city, you can see that this covers come as devices that are fuzzy, so for defaulters rights, I think it makes it easier because you see incidents where someone defaults so the devices lets you go and you will be captured because your details are captured.
So I really think that this initiative itself is a good one not just even for the administrators, even for the average commuters.
Anchor: It could be more safe because you won’t have people just coming out of the blues through a red light to like have a collision with a car that is compliant you know that kind of thing?
Guest Speaker: Yeah, so by really just utilizing IOT this is something that can come to a realization.



Anchor: Okay, so what’s your final word to commuters out there and the everyday Lagosians? What’s your final word on how IoT can solve transportation problems for them?
Guest Speaker: I will just say lagosian needs to step into a lot of advancements happening in tech, especially transportation just to improve commitment experience and just increase the lifespan.
Anchor: Oh yes! Because by putting all this measures into practices, everybody will have a better life. Alright be that final word from Olome Emenike who has said it’s important for every Lagosians to join the moving train because we are in the 21st century, so be compliant!

My name remains Fayo William and till I come your way again next week for another wonderful edition of Lagos Safety Train. Drive safe and Be safe!


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